Removing People

Removing People From Pictures
Now that you are able to add people to your pictures, what’s next?

How often have you been looking back at vacation photos... and you see there was someone in the background that you don’t want to be there?
Chances are pretty high.

In situations like this you will usually just say ‘damn, oh well’ and get over it, but now there is a way to fix some of the images. Unfortunately this does not work for every picture, but it will for a pretty large number. All you need is a copy of the image with people in the background.

Your next step is to open the picture into Photoshop. In this case, I will be using the photo shown below. Unfortunately the feet draw away from the image more than needed.

Your first step within Photoshop is to select the pen tool, shown below.

Once selected you will go click by click to select around the unwanted object. Keep in mind that while using the pen tool, you will want to keep a very short distance between the points laid down when you click while using the pen tool, shown below.

Once you have selected closely around the unwanted object (Shown by a grey line with small squares in each spot that you choose), your next step will be to right click inside the selection so a menu pops up. You then choose make selection, which will open a new window.

Once the window opens, click inside the box next to feather radius and set the value to 1, while ensuring that the Anti-aliased box is checked as well as New Selection under operation.

Once you have made the selection, your next step is going to be to fill the space where the unwanted subject was. To do this you will need to go up to the toolbar along the top and click the edit menu. Within the edit menu, your next selection will be fill.

The fill window will pop up and what you will need to do is set use: to content-aware, the mode to normal, and the opacity to 100%.. When you hit okay, Photoshop may take a few moments to process the changes before you will see the selection you originally made, seem to be erased from the picture, like you see below.

The person that was walking down the stairs, wearing the red sweatshirt, is now gone, as if they were never there. If you want to, you can call it good. Myself, on the other hand, I also want to remove the person at the top of the stairs. To remove her, you would just follow the same steps that you did to remove the first person. Instead of repeating every step, I will just show the finished product below.

Well, now you can also remove people from images. Just remember that not every picture will be able to have things removed using content-aware fill. If the area behind the selection becomes warped or overlapping, you will not be able to remove the item or person. The reason is that there is no where within the photo that Photoshop finds appropriate to pull from to replace the image. What about if there is something in the picture that you want to be oriented a different way? That will be the next lesson.


  1. coooooooooooooool blog. i like the pictures

  2. I love your blog, I learn something with every new post. You're currently in a vocational program for this, right? Have you always wanted to be tech savy like this, or was this just spontaneous, something offered to you?

    1. I am in the Graphic Arts vocational program. I think I was originally just interested in photography, until I started Voc. and then I started getting more interested in doing things like this.