Fish-Eye Photos

Faux Fish-Eye Effect
Well, now you know how to fake snowy scenes.. What next? How about learning how to create your own version of fish-eye photos?

What is fish-eye photography, first off?

The term "fish-eye" actually predates the lens of that name. Physicist R.W. Wood presented the term in a 1906 article, "Fish-Eye Views and Vision Underwater." The hobby of keeping fish as pets was booming, thanks to the development of early home aquariums, and Wood offered a scientifically based description of how pet fish might view the world outside their glass tanks.

First you are going to open the picture in photoshop. For this lesson I am going to use another picture that I have taken.

Your first step after opening the picture is to select the elliptical marquee tool. If you do not see the tool, it may be hidden away. To find it click and hold on the rectangular marquee tool and you will see two to three options appear.

Then you are going to select what you want to appear fish-eyed inside the circle. You will need to hold the shift key though, to keep the circle proportional.

After you have the are you wanted selected, go up to the top menu and select select and then choose inverse. This will select everything except for the circle that you previously selected.

Now hit the delete key and you will see the background turn white. If it does not, a window may appear and if it does just enter these settings. Set use: white, mode: normal, opacity: 100% and then hit okay.

Then you are going to switch the marquee tool back to rectangular marquee tool. After you switch it back, select the entire area and then, select the move tool. Once you have hit the move tool, you should see a series of icons with squares with line intercepting them. First choose horizontal align and then choose vertical align.

You are going to use the quick select tool to re-select the circle and then once it is selected you are going to go to the top menu and choose select and then choose Inverse.

After just the circle is selected, you are going to select the paint tool and paint around the circle, just ensure that the color is black first

For the last time you are going to inverse selection by going to the top menu and choose select and then choose Inverse.

Now we are going to give the image the fish eye look. To do this,, go to the top menu and choose filter, and then choose distort, and finally choose spherize.

When you click on spherize a window will pop up. The amount should be set to 100% and the mode should be normal.

Now just hit ctrl d (or cmnd d on a mac) to deselect the circle and then choose the crop tool and crop away the majority of the black, leaving more on the sides than the top and bottom.

Now you are finished, but you can also re-spherize to create a more intense fish-eye effect, but the circle you started with will now be more of an oval.

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