So now you can add people into pictures and have it look realistic (depending on where you add them), what next? Well, how about learning about a technique known as color-splashing?

Color-splashing may sound confusing, but you have probably seen the technique before. There are a few examples shown below, before I teach you how to do it.

By now I hope that you might have picked up on the fact that every image shown above is only in partial color and the rest is black & white. This technique is used more often to draw focus to a specific part of the picture.

To start off, you will need an image that you want to color-splash. For this how-to I will be using a picture that I had taken from the top of a Ferris wheel of a circus tent at the fair.

To begin, open the image in photoshop. The first step after opening the image is to activate a hue/saturation layer. To do this, go to the right hand side and go to the bottom, before selecting the gray & black circle.

When you click on the gray & black circle, a menu will pop up. From that menu, choose Hue/Saturation.

After clicking on Hue/Saturation a window will pop up, similar to the one above. Before you can begin to color-splash the image, you will need to remove the color from the picture, so that you can add back color to only the areas you want.

To add color back into the picture once you have opened the Hue/Saturation layer, you just need to erase where you want color to be.

After you are happy with the amount of color that is showing, all that is left to do is adjust the image to the way you want using Brightness/Contrast and, if needed, cropping..

Once you are happy with the look of your picture, you are done.

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