Action Shots Jumping Out of the Screen

Action Shots Coming Right Out of the Screen
Well, now you get the concept of color-splashing and know how to do it. What next? How about learning how to show action shots literally coming out of a screen (tv, laptop, cellphone, iPod, tablet, etc.)? There are a few examples below.

For this how-to, I will be using a picture that is a little simpler. A hotwheels car jumping off a track and flying out of an iPod or an iPhone.

Once both photos are open in photoshop, the first step is going to be to using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. What this tool is going to do is make a straight line to help you with the selection.

Once you have selected the inside of the screen, go to the image that you are going to be using on the screen and copy it by hitting ctrl c (on a mac use cmnd c).

Then click back onto the image where the screen is and go up to the top menu bar and select edit. A drop-down menu will then show up. Go down the menu until you find paste special, and then choose paste into and you should see the action shot be placed inside the screen, but look as if it was cut off.

You will also notice that along with pasting the photo, photoshop has created a layer for you with everything hidden except for the area inside the screen

To make the image look as if it is coming right out of the screen, you need to temporarily disable the layer mask by right clicking on the layer mask attached to the layer on the right hand side of the screen. When you right click you should see the option of disable layer mask, when you do this the layer mask should show a red ‘X’ through it and you will now see the entire image over the screen image. This is the best time to get the placement right, because it will be very difficult to change it after this point. Once you have the image where you want, or if you need to be able to see both at once, lower the opacity to around 60%. The opacity is located above the layer list. All you need to do is click on the layer and then click on the box next the the word opacity.

After lowering the opacity, ensure that you are happy with the location of the picture and use the lasso tool to select the parts of the image that are hanging over the edge of the screen.

These extra pieces are going to be the parts that are popping out of the screen. Once you have them selected, raise the opacity back to 100% and right click on the layer mask and select enable layer mask. Keep in mind that your selection may not be completely right and you may need to edit the edges.

Now you will see the image back inside the screen, but the areas will still be selected (even though you cannot see them). With the areas still selected, click on the layer mask specifically and then go to the top menu and choose edit before choosing fill. 

When the window opens, set it to use: white, mode: normal, and opacity: 100%.

When you hit ok you should see the selections fill in with white on the layer mask, and the actual action shot will appear outside the screen. giving the appearance that the car is jumping out of the screen.

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